Tabula Rasa

There used to be hundreds of blog posts here. Q&As — so many Q&As! Posts about my favorite things for the day. Ramblings and musings about writing and publishing. And more. For years I was sporadically consistent (don’t @ me if that phrase bothers you) about writing. Then somewhere in late 2016, the posts stopped. (You can do the math.)

Fast forward to year or so ago (with the pandemic, who can judge time anymore?), when I updated my website and server and other words that I’m not entirely sure what they mean. In the process, the blog moved; links were broken. I no longer had a blog page up on the website. But the posts were still there on the site, if a person could find them (and, occasionally, people did).

I left them mostly because I was too mentally exhausted to deal with it.

But today, I went through and cleaned it all up. At first I started deleting posts (I love purges), but then as each post’s title sparked a memory of the space I was in when I wrote it, I shifted to unpublishing the posts. Even if I never go back and re-read them, for now I still at least have the option. To go back in time. To see how far I’ve come. (They say that if your past self doesn’t embarrass you, at least a little bit, then that’s a sign you haven’t grown. If my embarrassment over all those past posts is any indication, I have grown a lot in the last ten years!)

I’m not sure what is coming with this blog, but I feel like maybe something is coming with this blog. So I decided to clear it out to make space.

Note to self: Get ready. Stay tuned.