You’ve had it inside you all along

We have a culture that more and more is working to convince us that fulfillment (of all kinds) is outside ourselves. Companies that want us to believe that our problems can only be solved externally—usually by buying something they want to sell us. Sometimes that’s fancy clothes or a new car. Sometimes that’s a pill that they want us to believe we are broken without.

I don’t believe it. I believe that we’ve been sold a bad bill of goods. I believe that many, if not all, of the answers lie within ourselves, and that we have the power and ability to find what we seek within.

The people who want us to spend our money on their products work hard to make this belief controversial. They want us to shun anyone who espouses an idea that our solutions even might be internal. They spend a lot of money to get us to spend a lot of money, and to change our view of ourselves.

They want us to feel helpless and powerless. They want us to believe we are broken without their products. They want us to give up our personal agency. And, they want us to spread these stories—the idea that we are helpless without them—amongst ourselves. They want us to do their marketing for them.

Don’t fall for it. We are stronger than they want us to believe. We are stronger than we know.


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