Introducing … Midweek Matters

Aiming to inspire, engage, inform, and entertain, and to mitigate midweek malaise.


Hey, peeps!

I’m trying a new thing starting this week, and I hope it will be meaningful to you.

By any definition, I’m at Midlife. (How do I insert that shocked face emoji here??) Brené Brown talks about midlife as an unraveling, which I think is accurate in every sense of the word.

As such, I’ve been voraciously listening to great podcasts and reading great books, in an effort to … well, whatever the opposite of unravel is. Re-ravel. To unravel and then reshape myself into whatever comes next.

I’ve been coming across so many great ideas, quotes, videos, words, etc etc etc, and I want to share some of what I’m discovering.

So starting this week, you’ll get from me a brief newsletter with some discoveries and inspirations that I hope will be meaningful, too. Since it’s midlife-inspired, I thought a midweek newsletter would be appropriate. So watch for it this Wednesday.

To keep it relevant, I’ll also try to update you on the not-very-exciting writing process! Mostly it’s just: sit down and write! Right now I’m a little more than halfway through the next Megan Montaigne mystery, and I’m having a blast with it. It might be my favorite book to write yet. I’ll tell you more Wednesday!

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Looking forward to sharing some inspirations with you! Have a great Monday, everyone!


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