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Pam’s Amazing Race Theory of Life

First, a disclaimer. I haven’t watched The Amazing Race many times in the past few years, simply because I’ve mostly stopped watching TV and I forget to turn it on, even for shows I like.

That said, I still think it’s one of the greatest shows on TV. Action, adventure, travel, relationships, what more could you want? (Maybe fewer gross food challenges.)

Even though I haven’t watched for years, some things about the show still stick with me. In particular, the ways in which TAR parallels life. As with all journeys, The Amazing Race is rife with analogies for life.

If you spend any time watching the show, you’ll see how obsessed everyone gets with what everyone else is doing. Well, almost everyone. Somehow, it seems that the people who get the farthest ahead, the people who win, are the people who just aren’t concerned with ensuring that everyone else fails. They spend their time on the positive and the things they can influence – their own success – rather than the negative. Of course they’re aware that the other racers are there competing, but the ones who win are not spending their precious time complaining about the others, about what’s fair or not fair. They’re not trying to hold other people back. They are simply focused on doing what they themselves need to do to get where they want to go.

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