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My bucket list

Many of my peeps are travel peeps, which means the topic of bucket lists comes up all the time. I used to be the type who without a doubt would have a bucket list – I love lists! But somewhere in the past few years my life has become less about making lists about stuff I want to do, and more about doing the stuff I want to do. Things change, people change, I change. If a bucket list is for you, then go for it; have a bucket list! If it’s not, then maybe you can make a bucket list like mine. Here are some of my favorite buckets from images I found online.

From I love this bucket! The natural wood and rope appeal to my love of simplicity. Plus, as a bonus, this bucket reminds me of a White Mountain hand crank ice cream maker, which is an image wrought with personal meaning and family tradition!

From What's not to love about buckets with smiley faces? I love happy buckets! Click on the picture to go to the post this particular image came from - some funny (and weird) stuff!

These buckets remind me of childhood and grandparents' homes.

From This bucket rules because THERE'S A KOALA IN IT!!

I like this bucket because it is a happy yellow bucket on the beach. I like happy, I like yellow, and darned if I wouldn't like to be on the beach right now. It's 36 degrees outside as I write this. I envy you, happy yellow bucket!

So that’s my bucket list for today. What’s on your bucket list?


  1. Joan Gute Joan Gute
    February 9, 2011    

    Oh geez . . . LOL

  2. Pat Berschied Pat Berschied
    February 9, 2011    

    Good one. Enjoyed reading it. 🙂

  3. Pam Pam
    February 9, 2011    

    I know you love the koala one, Joan!

  4. Pam Pam
    February 9, 2011    

    Thank you, Pat!

  5. Donna Donna
    February 9, 2011    

    no bucket list would be complete without the Old Oaken Bucket: 🙂 Go Purdue!

  6. Pam Pam
    February 9, 2011    

    Ha! Thank you, Donna!

  7. Rob Rob
    February 10, 2011    

    Aww…who doesn’t love a koala?

  8. Pam Pam
    February 10, 2011    

    Koalas rule!!

  9. February 24, 2011    

    Hahaha. The koala is awesome.

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