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Don’t move! There’s something on your head!

I saw the headline today that Queen Elizabeth II had become a great-grandmother. And I thought to myself, “Is one of the grandkids married?? When did that happen??”

So I searched and quickly found that Peter Phillips, who I think must be Anne’s son (I used to know all this), married a woman named Autumn Kelly, back in 2008.

And then I saw the hats.

Now, granted, no one is ever going to accuse me of being a fashion model. And I fully believe people should wear whatever the hell they want to wear, and if people like me think they look like fools, then that’s our problem, not the problem of the people wearing the bold attire.

But still.

This is Autumn, mother of Lizzie’s first great-grandchild.

Regardless of … er, taste, wearing that would bug the s*** out of me. I’d be swatting at it all day, trying to get it off my face.

I thought that was bad enough. But then I saw this:

Holy Lepidoptera!

That’s Beatrice, daughter of Sarah, Duchess of York. Damn. It takes some balls to wear a rabble of butterflies on your head.

Think I can find me one of those at Target?

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