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Tiniest plane I ever flew in! (more memory lane)

Update: I now have a travelogue series, Pam on the Map! If you want to know more about the adventures behind the pictures, you can now read about my Ireland and Switzerland trips in Pam on the Map: Ireland and Pam on the Map: Switzerland! Or discover a whole new adventure in Pam on the Map: Iceland!

This day five years ago was one of my absolute favorites on my trip to Ireland. I got up in the wee hours, hopped on the tiniest plane EVER (see picture) – as it was too small even for an aisle, we had to enter our seats from the outside, like a van – and made the eight-minute flight from the mainland to Inishmore, one of the Aran Islands. I LOVED Inishmore and can’t wait to go back!

Ireland, September 3, 2005: Inishmore

tiny plane

inside the tiny plane: please don’t crash please don’t crash please don’t crash

Inishmore from above

The town of Kilronan on Inishmore, viewed from the plane. My B&B is just across from the ramp at the lower left side, and one building up the road. I think.

Inishmore men

Two cutie pies on Inishmore. You can take a donkey cart from Kilronan to Dun Aengus, but it

Is that the Cliffs of Moher? No! It’s the view from Dun Aengus! One of my favorite places on earth. Note the crazy people lying at the edge – it was EXTREMELY windy up there, so I kept my distance!

Aran sweaters

Aran sweaters for sale

At the edge

Beautiful desolation on Inishmore, feels like being at the edge of the world

So many favorite moments from Inishmore – it was hard to pick just a few pictures!

Scotland, September 3, 2009: Edinburgh

On the other hand, apparently I went around Edinburgh, one year ago today, without my camera! I don’t have a single picture from September 3, 2009. So, hopefully this panorama will suffice, taken Sept. 2. This was five or six pictures, stitched together; this is looking up at Edinburgh Castle (right side) and what I call the “back side of the Royal Mile” from Princes Street Gardens. (Click to enlarge, as with all the pictures.)

Back side of the Royal Mile

Royal Mile viewed from Princes Street Gardens. Looks more overcast than it was! Note in the very center, you can see the top edge of the stadium seating where the Edinburgh Tattoo is held each August. Quite a drop-off behind you – no way would I sit in the top seats!

Tomorrow: Doolin in Ireland, and more Edinburgh in Scotland!


  1. September 3, 2010    

    Love the Dun Aengus pic! So beautiful!

  2. Pam Pam
    September 3, 2010    

    I LOVE Dun Aengus. You feel like you’re at the edge of the world and the beginning of time. It’s amazing.

  3. December 31, 2010    

    This post made the Irish Fireside’s list of the 75 Best Articles and Posts of 2010. You can view the list at

    Congratulations and keep up the good work,


    PS – We have created a badge for this list, you are welcome to display it on your website

  4. Pam Pam
    December 31, 2010    

    Thank you, Corey!! Now let’s see if I can figure out that badge …! 😀 Happy New Year!

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