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Day 23: The Final Countdown


This election season has worn on us and worn us all down and torn us apart. We are anxious, we are angry. Sometimes, if we think too hard, we are terrified.

As I write this, we are 46 hours from the polls in my state closing. Since I’ve heard that the election (presidential) could be called by 6 p.m. Pacific, we’re only 44 hours away, possibly, from knowing who our next president is.

“I’m so nervous,” said a friend I was talking to today.

I’ve been nervous, too. I realized yesterday, though, that if my worst nightmare happens, my worrying about it for two extra days won’t make much difference. So for now, I am optimistic and hopeful.

Come Wednesday, no matter what happens on Tuesday, we all are going to have some work to do. Some common ground to find. Some empathy and compassion and listening to cultivate.

But for now, whatever you believe, just be sure to vote.

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