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Day 22: Committed; or, The Bell Curve

It’s 11 p.m. and I haven’t posted yet. All day long I kept thinking, I’m going out tonight. I need to post before I go. But I didn’t.

I have what I call The Bell Curve Theory of Life. Everything we do is on the bell curve. Starting up a habit of writing every day? Bell curve. The first part isn’t the peak. The first part is slow. Showing up counts.

Tonight I’m feeling confused by people and how people interact and how people push others down to hold themselves up. Is it purposeful? The way a person might try to drown someone else? Or is it unintentional? The way a drowning person might accidentally drown the person who is there to save them?

Maybe not everything fits the Bell Curve Theory of Life. People whose way of being is to push others down, they’re on a very long tail. Time to rise up. Time to rise above.

So there, that’s the post for the day. 11th hour, literally, but I got it done. The Bell Curve.


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