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“We Are All Broadcasters”...

“We Are All Broadcasters”: Q&A with Michelle Gielan on Her New Book, <em>Broadcasting Happiness</em>

Disclosure: BenBella Books, Inc. provided me with a copy of Broadcasting Happiness. No obligations were implied or inferred from this gift. You’ve been there. You’re having a great day, and then you turn on the news and something horrible has happened: wildfires blazing across a drought-ravaged countryside, earthquakes toppling buildings and destroying lives, yet another […]

“Follow the good work”: Aidan Turner ...

“Follow the good work”: Aidan Turner on Poldark, Acting, and Happiness

I have to say, PBS has a way of bringing us some handsome and talented Irishmen. My proof? A few years back, it was Northern Ireland’s fabulous singer and actor Damian McGinty, whom I love (and whose mailing list you should join, so you don’t miss out on future news of his tours and CDs, I’m […]

“One Day At A Time”: Q�...

“One Day At A Time”: Q&A with Robin Ellis, the “Original Ross Poldark,” on Poldark, Cooking, and Life

Masterpiece Theatre has done it again — literally. Since early March, millions of people around the world have been captivated by the story of Ross Poldark in Poldark, Masterpiece’s adaptation of Winston Graham’s series, set in Cornwall in the late 18th century. Smoldering Ross Poldark, born a rebel in his elite world, has returned from the American Revolutionary […]

Q&A: Halfway Star Quint...

Q&A: <em>Halfway</em> Star Quinton Aaron on the Film, Acting, James Bond, and His Foundation

The past three weeks I’ve been interviewing key players in the upcoming film Halfway, written and directed by Ben Caird and produced by Jonny Paterson. Today, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with the film’s star, Quinton Aaron! Many will remember Quinton from his lead role in The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock, for which he […]

Q&A with Nathan Jackson

Q&A with Nathan Jackson

I owe Nathan (and a couple others) a huge apology. A while back I was doing these Q&As and collected answers from some amazing people. Then I had some medical issues that derailed my focus and I never got back on track. However, about eight months too late, I’m finally getting this up! Ladies and […]

Q&A: Multifaceted Man Roni Weis

Q&A: Multifaceted Man Roni Weis

News junkie, traveler, political podcaster, blogger, social media consultant: Multifaceted Roni Weiss does it all, and he has something to say about it too! Q: Tell us a little about your background and current state of affairs? A: Born in NY, grew up outside of Seattle, went on a unique accelerated education path (college at […]

Q&A: Traveler Brendan van Son

Q&A: Traveler Brendan van Son

Whoops! Life got a little crazy for a bit there and I missed a few Q&As! Let’s get going again!! First up is Brendan van Son! Brendan is a travel writer and photographer from Alberta, Canada. You can see some of his work on his website Brendan’s Adventures.  You can also check him out facebook […]

Q&A: Sandra O’Hara, Psychi...

Q&A: Sandra O’Hara, Psychic Medium

UPDATE: Well! People of Ireland, you are definitely interested in Sandra O’Hara! This page gets tons of hits from people in Ireland seeking information on Sandra. Let me summarize by saying that San is a wonderful woman, so kind, and I would say she has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I’ve ever met. […]

Q&A: Actor Candis Phlegm

Q&A: Actor Candis Phlegm

Candis Phlegm is an example of the awesome power of Twitter. Someone else (I think it was @BadAstronomer) tweeted about a web series that sounded fun, so I went to watch it online. I saw that the actors had Twitter accounts so I followed them. And thus did I stumble upon Candis, who is, as […]

Q&A: Rachel, Traveler + Amazing ...

Q&A: Rachel, Traveler + Amazing Woman

How do I get to meet and know so many brilliant people?! Here’s yet another of my favorites. (Yes, dear reader, you are one of my favorites too!) Competitive horse-back rider, loud laugh-er (I totally want to know more about her loud laughing), vegan: That’s Rachel, world traveler and another of the unmatchable ladies from […]

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