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Q&A: Catching Up with Jón Gnarr,...

Q&A: Catching Up with Jón Gnarr, Writer, Comedian, and Former Mayor of Reykjavík

  In 2013, I traveled to Iceland to write the first of my travelogues, Pam on the Map: Iceland. One of my favorite experiences in Iceland was meeting and talking with Jón Gnarr, who was the Mayor of Reykjavík at the time and had been called “the world’s most interesting mayor.” We had a great […]

10 Things I Learned About Life from W...

10 Things I Learned About Life from Writing 10 Books

This month, I published my tenth book: Death at Glacier Lake, my first mystery. But publishing my tenth book in the year 2017 wasn’t a given. At any moment, our future lies in front of us, infinite paths waiting to be taken.  (For thoughts related to this, see one of my favorite—and most popular—posts, “Why […]

Good People of the World, Stop Beatin...

Good People of the World, Stop Beating Yourselves Up

A while back, I made a mistake. It was unintentional, but it was bad in a very not good way. The kind of bad where afterward you feel a little bit ill, or a lot ill, and you want very much to go back in time and change it and everything that led up to […]

Day 27: Going Offline

Day 27: Going Offline

I know I was going to post every day no matter what. But I need to take some time to go offline and pause and breathe and reassess and figure out the way forward. I will be back. Peace.

Day 26: And Still We Rise

Day 26: And Still We Rise

There is no way I will write anything coherent and organized today. Some have. One of the best things I’ve seen is a post by Jon Pavlovitz about “Why We Grieve Today.” It’s so good that people have crashed his server trying to get to it. I can’t even get to it right now, so […]

Day 25: Love Always Wins

Day 25: Love Always Wins

I just remembered I hadn’t posted today. So caught up in the election all day that I almost forgot. I am in shock at the election outcome tonight. I have so many words. I have no words. But I know this much: it may take a while, but Love Always Wins. P.S. Did you know […]

Day 24: Celebrity Opinions

Day 24: Celebrity Opinions

A funny thing happens when a person reaches a degree of recognition and potential influence: Some people tell them to shut up. Rick Steves (I assume you know who he is) is world-famous. He’s also very outspoken on his political beliefs. And every time he talks politics, some people tell him: “Rick, stick to travel.” In fact, […]

Day 23: The Final Countdown

Day 23: The Final Countdown

This election season has worn on us and worn us all down and torn us apart. We are anxious, we are angry. Sometimes, if we think too hard, we are terrified. As I write this, we are 46 hours from the polls in my state closing. Since I’ve heard that the election (presidential) could be […]

Day 22: Committed; or, The Bell Curve

Day 22: Committed; or, The Bell Curve

It’s 11 p.m. and I haven’t posted yet. All day long I kept thinking, I’m going out tonight. I need to post before I go. But I didn’t. I have what I call The Bell Curve Theory of Life. Everything we do is on the bell curve. Starting up a habit of writing every day? Bell […]

Day 21: “How Many Books Have Yo...

Day 21: “How Many Books Have You Sold?”

It seems like anytime I meet a new group of people and tell them I’m a writer, I get questions like this at least once. “How many books have you sold?” “Are you able to make a living at that?” “Are you successful?” Or some variations thereof. I hate these questions. I never have the […]

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