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“Epic and Far Reaching”: ...

“Epic and Far Reaching”: Australia’s Marta Dusseldorp on the Post-War Drama <em>A Place To Call Home</em>

  “So,” I asked the woman with the Australian accent on the other end of the telephone line, “when did you find out your show has become a hit in the U.S.?” “When I got a call saying an American girl wanted to interview me!” she laughed. For my part, I was surprised. “She” is Marta […]

“Follow the good work”: Aidan Turner ...

“Follow the good work”: Aidan Turner on Poldark, Acting, and Happiness

I have to say, PBS has a way of bringing us some handsome and talented Irishmen. My proof? A few years back, it was Northern Ireland’s fabulous singer and actor Damian McGinty, whom I love (and whose mailing list you should join, so you don’t miss out on future news of his tours and CDs, I’m […]

Your Personal Space Journey: Blue Ori...

Your Personal Space Journey: Blue Origin Advancing Ever Closer to Commercial Space Flight

When New Horizons zipped by Pluto the other day, I read a comment somewhere that the oldest living person on Earth had been born before Orville and Wilbur Wright completed their first flight … and now we’ve sent a spacecraft to the most distant planet in our solar system, and beyond. (Oh, go on, Neil […]

“One Day At A Time”: Q�...

“One Day At A Time”: Q&A with Robin Ellis, the “Original Ross Poldark,” on Poldark, Cooking, and Life

Masterpiece Theatre has done it again — literally. Since early March, millions of people around the world have been captivated by the story of Ross Poldark in Poldark, Masterpiece’s adaptation of Winston Graham’s series, set in Cornwall in the late 18th century. Smoldering Ross Poldark, born a rebel in his elite world, has returned from the American Revolutionary […]

Q&A: Halfway Star Quint...

Q&A: <em>Halfway</em> Star Quinton Aaron on the Film, Acting, James Bond, and His Foundation

The past three weeks I’ve been interviewing key players in the upcoming film Halfway, written and directed by Ben Caird and produced by Jonny Paterson. Today, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with the film’s star, Quinton Aaron! Many will remember Quinton from his lead role in The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock, for which he […]

Q&A with Writer/Director Ben Cai...

Q&A with Writer/Director Ben Caird on Writing and His Inspiration for His New Film, <em>Halfway</em>

Q: Tell us a little about your background — where did you grow up, where did you go to school, what inspired your writing and your love of film? A: I’m half British (father) and half American (mother) and I grew up in London. My father is a writer and director of theatre, opera and […]

Q&A with the Mayor of Akureyri, ...

Q&A with the Mayor of Akureyri, Iceland, One of Lonely Planet’s “Best Places in Europe 2015″

Also published at my Huffington Post blog. In 2013, I visited the town of Akureyri in Iceland’s far north, and had the honor of chatting with the town’s Mayor Eiríkur Björn Björgvinsson for the travelogue I was writing at the time. When I saw that Lonely Planet recently named Akureyri as one of its “Best […]

How to Run an Effective, Efficient Me...

How to Run an Effective, Efficient Meeting Without Wasting Everyone’s Time

Also published at my Huffington Post blog. I forget how much I hate meetings until I have to go to one, like I did yesterday. And let me tell you, I have some serious meeting-related peeves. I’ll bet I’m not alone. This is not to say I’m totally opposed to meetings. I know they have […]

Q&A with Halfway Produc...

Q&A with <em>Halfway</em> Producer Jonny Paterson on the Producer Life

Also published at my Huffington Post blog. In chatting last week with Jonny Paterson, producer of Halfway, I found that he had so many interesting thoughts, I had to break up my post into several posts! The first post addressed the movie itself. In this post, I chat with Jonny more about his own career […]

Gothard Sisters’ New CD Inspire...

Gothard Sisters’ New CD Inspired by “Love of Simple, Timeless, and Transcendent Things”

Also published at my Huffington Post blog. The Gothard Sisters, three sisters who are “multi-instrumentalist Celtic-influenced folk musicians, songwriters, and performers from the Pacific Northwest, USA,” have a new CD out this week, Mountain Rose (released Tuesday, June 23, 2015). I asked Greta Gothard, the oldest of the three sisters (Willow is second and Solana […]

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