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Day 11: Western Australia (a message ...

Day 11: Western Australia (a message to the universe)

When I was young, before wanting to go to Australia was hip, I wanted to go to Australia. I wanted it for what felt like forever but of course I had no money and it was a long way away, and I was young. I remember very well a conversation I had in high school with […]

Day 10: A House With No Books

Day 10: A House With No Books

One time in college, I went to stay the weekend at a friend’s house for the first time. As one does. I expected the house to be normal. As one does. But this house was not normal. There were no books. I don’t even remember any bookshelves. There were no magazines lying out on tables, […]

Day Nine: What if Laughter is the Can...

Day Nine: What if Laughter is the Canary in the Coal Mine?

This morning I’ve been listening to Radiolab’s fascinating Season Four opening podcast, Laughter, from February 2008. About a quarter of the way through the episode, a point is made: “The most important thing to remember about laughter is that it’s social.” — Dr. Robert Provine, Neuroscientist. “Wait,” you’re thinking. “I laugh all the time when […]

Day Eight: The Starting Line Doesn...

Day Eight: The Starting Line Doesn’t Move Just Because You Wait

Imagine you’ve decided to run a marathon. You get to the starting line and you think to yourself, “I can’t run a marathon! I’m not ready for this!” So you decide to stand there and wait until you’re ready. Makes no sense, right? The starting line isn’t going to move further ahead just because you […]

Day Seven: The Trouble with Goals

Day Seven: The Trouble with Goals

We hear all the time that to achieve in life, we need to set goals. Not just goals, but SMART  goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely). After SMART goals people also came up with HARD goals, Beyond SMART goals, and SMARTEST goals (all of these, of course, are acronyms). So we, wanting more from […]

Day Six: Breaking the Rules

Day Six: Breaking the Rules

Not all rules are equal. Some rules should be followed. Stopping when the stoplight is red, for example: that’s a rule that helps society function smoothly and, more importantly, saves lives. But other rules, well, they’re arbitrary. Take, for example, quotation marks. Quotation marks serve a purpose: they let us know a person is speaking. […]

Day Five: There is No Such Thing as F...

Day Five: There is No Such Thing as Fearless

Years ago, a friend gave me what felt at the time like an enormous compliment: “You are absolutely fearless.” At the time, I puffed up. Yeah! I am fearless! I am badass! Bring it on! I’m not afraid! In the time since then, though, I’ve come to understand: There is no such thing as fearless. […]

Day Four: Happiness is an Action

Day Four: Happiness is an Action

Yesterday morning as I drifted in that half-dream space between asleep and awake, my mind was playing around with the idea of happiness. Then I had a thought that rang so true to me, it jolted me straight from half-asleep to fully awake: Happiness is an action. We’ve all heard that saying that “love is […]

Q&A With Damian McGinty on Relea...

Q&A With Damian McGinty on Release of His New Album, This Christmas Time

My favorite Irish singer and actor, Damian McGinty of Celtic Thunder and Glee fame, has a new album out! Damian McGinty: This Christmas Time features ten songs, including two originals Damian wrote that are already proving to be hits with his fans. The album definitely tops my all-time favorite Christmas CDs list. I had the […]

Day Three: Seeking Outrage vs Seeking...

Day Three: Seeking Outrage vs Seeking Peace

There is no better time to be alive than right now, if what you thrive on is outrage. You barely have to look for it. In terms of the current election cycle, you almost don’t have to do more than turn on your computer or TV to find something infuriating these days. The news cycle is […]

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